Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude


When the things in my life take hold of my attention, sometimes I forget to just take a moment and thank you. So today I come to you humbly, thanking you for this opportunity to dwell in your Presence. To experience the light and love you so readily have available to all who draw near to you.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with the life that I have. Though sometimes I may not see certain things in my life as a gift from you, I thank you that I am even able to live it. Thank you for the very breath in my body. It flows through me without a struggle. Thank you for the activity of every bone, muscle, and nerve allowing me to move freely. Thank you for the peace in my mind. When the waves of anxiety begin to overtake me, I can hear your voice whispering peace to my thoughts. Thank you for my overall health and well-being. And I pray that your healing power is with those who need a touch from you all over the world. 

Thank you for your provision. I am grateful to have the food that I eat, the clothes that I wear and the home that I live in. Thank you for the money in my pockets. Even when I may not have everything I think I need, you always come through for me in my times of struggle. Thank you for keeping me safe. In moments when I put myself in harm’s way, your hand of protection still covered me. Thank you for your continual guidance so that I may make choices pleasing in your sight. Help me to seek your face ever the more so that I may know and do your will for my life.

Thank you for the people you strategically placed in my life to support me and love me. Thank you for my community of friends and family. God, I even thank you for those who may not have my best interest at heart and who don’t want to see me win. Continue to cover them and keep them in your loving arms.

But Lord, I not only thank you for what you do for me in my life. I also want to thank you just for being the God that you are. 

Thank you, for being so loving. When I messed up and made mistakes, you still love me. When I forget about you and neglect my relationship with you, you still love me. When I didn’t even love myself or saw myself worthy of love, you still love me. You love me so much that you sent your first, your only son to die for me, on the chance that I might want to have a relationship with you. You gave your best out of the unchanging, unconditional love you have for me. A love I don’t have to perform or put on a show for. A love that is not transactional or one-sided. A love that knows no end.

Thank you for being so patient. When I stray from you, you still wait for me. When it takes multiple tests to get me to understand the lessons I must learn to be who you called me to be, you don’t give up on me. When I fall on my face over and over again, you never walk away. When I fight the call you have on my life, you don’t back off. Lord, I’m grateful you waited.

Thank you for being so merciful. You forgive me time after time. Promise after promise. When I humbly ask for your forgiveness, you always welcome me back home with open arms. You are even so gracious that you forget all my wrongdoings and don’t hold it against me. You wash me over from my head to my feet every single time, giving me a clean slate. 

You and I both know I don’t deserve the way you treat me, love me and care for me. And sometimes, I get really frustrated and upset with my circumstances. In those moments of frustration, cultivate in me a heart of gratitude. Help me to see the life I’m living through a lens of thankful. When I step back and take on an attitude of gratitude, I can see you shining over my situation. I can have joy in hardship by seeing all the many blessings you have given to me.  

All these things and more you have prepared for me and all I have to do is be open to receive it through your Son, Christ Jesus. Thank you for this opportunity to give you the glory for what you have done, are doing and will continue to do in my life.  

I will continue to give you all the glory, honor and praise.

In Jesus name, I pray


Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. — Colossians 3:16

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